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Postnatal Yoga (with babies)

A woman’s body goes through extreme change with pregnancy. The body prepares for the birthing in ten months. After birth, it needs time to return to its state before pregnancy. The muscles slowly restore and close up in the abdomen and pelvic area. Postnatal yoga helps new mothers in this transition, soothing their muscles with smooth movements and special breathing techniques. It prepares the body for regular yoga practices with care. Moreover, postnatal yoga aids moms in holding their babies without putting pressure on their shoulder and back muscles. We practice movements that relieve the tightness in shoulders due to breastfeeding and bottle-feeding. Furthermore, postnatal yoga brings you together with other moms and their babies to exchange knowledge and have fun together in a safe and comfortable environment.

Every session is an hour-long. You are welcome with your babies up to 6 months. The room cannot hold prams and there is not a parking space for them but you can bring your little ones in your baby-carrier. Give yourself time; it is better to start the postnatal yoga practice one month after birthing. Until then, you can ask for personal sessions at home.