Nefise Bozgöz

I am Nefise, from the city famous poet Rumi lived in Turkey; Konya. My first encounter with yoga was through a flexibility class I took in a local gym 4 years ago. After discovering that the poses used in the class were actually yoga poses, I first thought I wasn’t flexible enough to do yoga, like many others. Seeing great improvement in a short period of time left me with the curiosity for discovering more about this ancient discipline and I signed up for a yoga studio. Noticing the changes in my mind and emotional state made me realize that yoga is more than a physical practice and I enrolled in Vinyasa teacher training in Yagoy to learn more about it. Overtime, my yoga practice evolved from only Asana (physical) practice to practicing 8 limbs of yoga. It helped me go through the hardest challenges I faced in my life, helped me connect with myself and brought harmony into my life. Therefore I am very passionate about sharing it with others and I believe yoga is for everyone. I am teaching Vinyasa yoga and my classes are focused around creating a safe environment where anyone can find the union of mind body soul through movement.

“What you seek is seeking you.” – Rumi.