Alta Linsi

Just as everyone has their own unique path to yoga, my first ever experience with yoga was attending a 3-day yoga workshop offered by the mother of my friend during my postgraduate studies in Singapore. At first, I was bit overwhelmed by the vigorous breathing exercises, unfamiliar body movements, meditative and spiritual practices. But at the end of this weekend, I was completely relaxed and pain free, which I hadn’t experienced for a long time.

A few years later, yoga came my way again due to my chronic back pain. In 2012, I became a dedicated student of Hatha yoga. At the beginning, I believed it was the gentle stretching body movements that relieved the pain. But the more I came to my yoga mat, the more I realized that it wasn’t only my muscles and tissues that were getting a good stretch out of the practices. I was also becoming less agitated, calmer, and more hopeful, which has no doubt contributed to relieving those overly stressed muscles and other parts of my body.

As I have dedicated my time to yoga in its various forms (including Iyengar and Vinyasa) over the past few years, I have come to appreciate how it continuously shapes my life with more positivity, gratitude and attentiveness to small and big moments in my life, and a desire to become a better human being. Be it the philosophy of yoga, or the reconnection that it brings with your own body and mind through asana movements and meditative practices, I believe yoga offers incredibly simple and effective ways of dealing with all kinds of physical and mental difficulties that we are subject to.

Since I decided to make yoga a part of my life, there is only one regret: “I wish I knew yoga much earlier”!

Alta’s mother land is Mongolia. Having grown up in Ulaanbaatar, she later studied and worked in the USA in the financial sector, served as a civil servant in the Mongolian government, and further pursued her education in public policy in Singapore. After moving from London to Amsterdam in 2016 with her young family, she has decided to spend more time on broadening her knowledge and practice of yoga. She completed her Vinyasa yoga teacher training in 2018, and is an avid student of functional yoga under Anat Geiger and Marcel van de Vis Heil.