Nur Ozgenalp

I am from a coastline town, Izmir, in Turkey and the sea is a big part of my life. My first encounter with yoga was in 2001, in another seaside city, Istanbul, while I was studying filmmaking. Afterwards, my interaction with yoga continued on and off at various yoga schools, such as Cihangir YogaYogaŞala, and Yogatime.  In 2011, I was lucky to be a part of the Free Yoga Teacher Training Program by David Cornwell. Free Yoga (RYS), consisting both yoga and Zen meditation practices, was designed with the idea that every body is unique in its own way and everyone can do yoga adapting the poses to their body’s potentialities. I also practice coaching which holds similar values (I received my coaching certificate from Adler in 2009). Finding YogaZenter was delightful after my move to Amsterdam for my academic work. I follow all the Hatha, Chakra, and Restorative Yoga classes. My interest in sea, liquidity, and flow leaded me to mental and corporeal activities that have fluid motions, such as scuba diving, dancing, and flow yoga (I am also a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver).